Because the King did not have glasses…

The writer was a very melancholic person. He would sigh a lot. He once told him that he was writing a story about the time when glasses did not exist. He asked him whether he could understand the pain of a person who couldn’t see clearly and there were no glasses! He said he could not since he had gone without glasses for days and could manage even without seeing clearly.

The writer did not hear him. He went on about a king who did not see clearly and did not have glasses. Because the King did not have glasses, his aim was bad and he lost a lot of battles. He was brave, he was good and he was skilled, but just because there were no glasses, he was doomed. The old man did not understand why he was telling him this. Probably, he wanted to make some point. He was hoping that the writer made his point quickly.

Instead, he asked him if he could telepathically get the point. He asked him what he thought. The old man knew he was in a trap. He would obviously have to guess his point, err and then a debate would happen on the two apparently conflicting points. He broke into sweat and started acting as if Doggy was misbehaving. This was the seventeenth time he had done it, just because the king did not have glasses.


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