The boy who smoked weed

A boy who smoked weed would come and try to strike up conversations with him. He liked the boy. Making twisted statementswas his chief passtime. You couldn’t dislike someone who wanted to do nothing except twisting sentences to enjoy the five minutes of a weed induced agitation. He didn’t like people who were too serious. Their chief intention was to make a point, which he didn’t see the point of. On the boy’s insistence he smoked weed once but that made him all weird. He liked his normal state of mind. So, the next time, he politely refused and he thought the boy liked his refusal. He made more twisted statements and howled for a long time.

In fact, he liked this game of offering and refusal so much, that he repeated it a couple of times and then when it happened too many times, the boy stopped coming. He felt bad. He had actually liked the boy.


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